Viral Videos

Dog Eating Peanut Butter

This makes me laugh more than anything I ever saw, especially the guy's laughter!

Susan Boyle

Susan was so confident here; every time I see this, it makes me cry - amazing!

Vine Compilation - Magician Zach King

This is absolutely fascinating and entertaining!

Draw My Life - Zach King

This was such an amazing draw my life video! It literally looked like the drawings popped off the page.

Mr. Bean - Asleep in Church

This is one of my all time favorites. When I first saw this back in the day, my stomach ached for hours from laughing so hard.

Mr. Bean - Sneaking Sweets in Church

Mr. Bean singing Hallelujah song is just the best. I really do love this scene. It is my favorite scene from Mr. Bean Season 1.

Ignazio Boschetto - Tenerezza

This is my favorite song and Ignazio's voice is stunning, just incredible!

IL VOLO - American Idol Performance

Love the faces of the American Idol contestants when Piero Barone started singing. True class!

Luigi Fronte & Ernesto Schinella

I love Ernesto's expressions and Luigi's low voice. They remind me of Robert De Niro and Danny DeVito.

TV Prank

So all the people in the interview have problems with seeing depth? That's a serious condition! That was probably one of the job requirements.

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